حول KAZ

The values and cultures that we grow up with are a significant part of who we are.

As the world keeps changing, it becomes harder for us all to hold on to these values and traditions while still keeping up with trends of the modern world.

Having spent lots of time both in the Middle East and in major Western cities, founders Kazmi and Alina have found the perfect way to tailor the traditions of the Middle East to a global audience. Their backgrounds in textile and garment manufacturing and fashion design have helped fuel the shared passion for fashion and creativity.

As proud Arab women, we want to show not only our counterparts but also the world that high-end fashion can be achieved without risking our or your morals. We want to show the world that where we are from or the religion we follow is not something that limits how we dress or choose to express ourselves.

At KAZ, we encourage you to explore fashion that complements your traditions and beliefs rather than compromising them.

With KAZ, you too can show the world that modesty is here to stay. Using carefully through out cuts and designs, each piece is produced to ensure that your style and comfort are always at the fore front, allowing you to seamlessly shift between the worlds of modern and traditionally ethic fashion.

When you wear our pieces, it is your way of telling the world that while some things may change, your traditions and values are not listed among them. Our pieces give you the confidence to wear them in any setting, letting the world know that your style is yours alone to control.

As you continue your journey of exploring fashion on your own terms, we will be there every step of the way, making sure that you look flawless in every piece you rock!